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Change Your Life Today with Dental Implants

Everyone knows the saying “the first impression is a lasting impression.” So, what is your first impression saying about you? When you have missing or damaged teeth, the first impression you give to the world may be one of shyness or sadness. When your teeth do not...

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Eating with New Dentures

What to Expect With New Dentures If you decide to get new dentures, be prepared to take some time getting used to them. You will have to eat differently and be more precautious on certain foods. However, you get your confidence back when you get new dentures. Those...

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Does Your Jaw Crack When You Eat or Yawn?

Why Is My Jaw Cracking? Your jaw cracking is a disc coming out of place on both sides of your jaw. The disc acts as a cushion between your jaw bone and your skull. When you open your mouth to yawn, laugh, eat or speak, the disc is in place when it’s open, but out of...

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Types of Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings: What Are They? Cavities are one of the most problematic issues that can occur inside your mouth. They cause acute pain and tooth decay. The longer the cavity goes untreated, the more the tooth will decay. It can even spread to other teeth, causing...

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