Dental Crown Houston, TX


Thanks to the many advancements and painless treatments that have emerged in dental care, taking care of your smile has never been easier to manage. Dental crowns in particular serve numerous purposes when it comes to protecting your teeth, and it is important for you to know exactly what these caps are capable of.

When Is It Necessary to Get a Dental Crown?

The need for crowns falls into two very broad categories: protection and cosmetic. Both contain dozens of individual cases where a crown can serve to improve your dental health. After getting rid of a larger cavity or performing a root canal, a dental crown can serve to cover the afflicted tooth when fillings are not an option. Other damages such as cracks or chips can also be shielded by a crown to prevent further damage.

Some uses are purely cosmetic in nature, though. For instance, a crown can be used to bridge a gap in place of a missing tooth or to conceal a dental implant in order to keep your teeth looking as natural as possible. In some cases, a person may actually dislike the natural shape of their teeth, so a dentist can also make use of a crown in these instances to improve the aesthetic appeal according to an individual’s tastes.

Quality General and Cosmetic Dental Care

Acadian Family Dental is dedicated to preserving your smile and building a trusting relationship with you so that you never have to worry about your teeth being properly taken care of. Our highly trained doctors are experienced in multiple crown materials, and they have performed countless successful caps for patients with different preferences as well as needs. No other team is as prepared to keep you and your teeth covered.