There are surely enough dental offices in Houston – how do you choose the right one? Various factors should go into your decision making process, from credibility to patient care. Here’s what to do:

Research Your Shortlist

A quick search has found a list of dental office addresses, and you’ve quickly weeded out the ones that don’t feel right to you. You’re left with a list of potential candidates – it’s time to research them and find in-depth patient reviews. In our day and age, people take to online review platforms such as Google or Yelp to discuss their love or grievances with a particular practice. This will quickly turn your shortlist into a handful of potential offices.

Ask For Personal Recommendations

Whether it’s your family or your best friend, they wouldn’t steer you towards a practice without having been a patient there. Getting first-hand information from a source you trust is absolutely invaluable.

The Patient Experience

Your dentist has a job to do, and how they perform it will speak volumes. Ensure that the practices you’re researching offer various methods to aid in your comfort, from sedation dentistry to friendly staff. Your dentist office of choice should be a calming, welcoming, family environment.

Define Your Needs

Does your dentist office of choice need to have Saturday hours to accommodate your hectic lifestyle? Later hours? Factor in all the different things you need in a practice, and prioritize them. Keep in mind that your practice of choice may not meet every single one of the items on your list.

Schedule a No-Risk Consultation

To find the best dentist in Houston, you need to sit down and speak with your selection, and ask as many questions as you see fit. Get comfortable with your next dentist, ask about their processes, and decide if they are right for you. For a no-risk consultation with Dr. Eric Perkins, DDS, call or send us a message and find out why the residents of Houston, TX have been putting their trust in the family dental practice that understands, and takes your comfort into consideration.