Five Tips to Improve Your Dental Health 

Importance of Dental Health

Did you know that your oral health is directly connected to your overall physical health? Your mouth, and what goes in it,  leads directly to your digestive and respiratory systems. Your mouth contains harmless bacteria, but is also a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. This is why, at Acadian Dental, we believe an ounce of preventive dentistry is worth all the amazing pounds of cure. Because your natural and restorative teeth survive best in an environment that is continually clean and free from food particles, proper dental care, and preventative dentistry, it is the only defense you have to preserve your overall dental health.


There are important things you can do to maintain your mouth’s highest level of oral health, including:  


Proper twice-daily brushing, using a circular motion with a soft-bristled toothbrush aimed at the gum, is key to making sure your teeth are free from bacteria.   


Nearly half of all adults over the age of 30 suffer from some form of gum disease, which is why proper flossing to remove food particles is a must. Flossing every night, in an up and down motion, while keeping the floss in a U-shape against the tooth’s surface, has been determined to be the most effective way to floss.  


Regular check-ups every 6 months, or as often as your dentist recommends, is vital to make sure your teeth and gums are maintained at their maximum. Our expert dental check-ups help preserve your natural teeth and/or restorative teeth and manage periodontal disease. 


The number one reason for regular cleaning is to remove unwanted plaque. Plaque contains bacteria and must be removed. This can only be thoroughly accomplished through high-quality cleaning. 

General Dentistry

Acadian Dental is known for its expert general dentistry services, including a complete examination of your teeth, treating problem areas and managing your regular dental needs, as in fillings, crowns and proper gum maintenance.  

Lifestyle Choices

When it comes to protecting the overall health of your mouth, also included on the list of best practices is to adjust your lifestyle to reflect the healthiest mouth possible, by: 

  • avoiding smoking
  • eliminating sticky sugary foods and carbonated drinks 
  • eating a well-balanced diet
  • using an antiseptic and/or fluoride rinse as directed
  • having sealants placed on young permanent teeth, if necessary


In and around the Houston area, let our team at Acadian Dentistry help improve and maintain your overall oral health by removing any problem areas. Contact Acadian Dental today at let us help you create or maintain the smile you’ve always wanted.