Dental implants are aesthetic and functional. They can revitalize your smile, prevent tooth drifting, and even raise your confidence, among other benefits. If you fit these descriptions, you could benefit from dental implants.

Patients With Cracked or Split Teeth

Often times, crowns will be used to fix cracks in your teeth. If the damage is beyond repair, you may be facing an extraction. Your Houston TX dentist will propose the plan of allowing appropriate time for your extraction to heal, and moving on to a dental implant in its place. In a short amount of time, your smile can be restored and sensitivity can vanish with dental implants.

Those With Missing Teeth

Over time, our teeth move towards the empty space where a previous natural tooth used to be. This can lead to crowding, gaps between other teeth, and misaligned bites. Issues that may arise as a result of teeth shifting including chipped teeth, wear and tear from misaligned bites, and gum inflammation.

Patients Exhibiting Symptoms of Jawbone Loss

One primary reason that dental implants are so beneficial to your health comes in the form of protection. If you’re experiencing symptoms of jawbone loss, dental implants act as a shield, protecting your gums and jawbone from bacterial growth and corrosion over time.

Root canals are often performed to reduce or eliminate infections in your teeth. When the infection has spread beyond repair, you may require a full extraction. In these instances, dental implants are used to protect the tender area, preventing bacterial growth or further infections from occurring.

Quality Care From Your Houston TX Dentist

Dr. Eric Perkins and the rest of the staff at Acadian Family Dental have been relieving pain and reshaping smiles for years in the Houston area. If you believe you may need dental implants for one or more of these reasons, contact us today to set up a no-risk consultation with Dr. Perkins. Dental implants could be the solution you’ve been looking for; there’s only one way to find out. Call or click today to get answers to the hard questions, and bring your oral healthcare back into good standing.