There’s no good reason why you should underestimate good oral hygiene, and this is not for dental health but your overall wellbeing. If anything, gum disease is a major risk factor for the development of serious health conditions that includes heart disease and diabetes. From the time we are children we are taught that using your toothbrush regularly will keep your gums healthy, but which toothbrush is the best? If you didn’t have a clue on how to pick the perfect toothbrush, Acadian Dental will reveal the best family dental tips for finding the best toothbrush.

What type of toothbrush should I use?

There are so many types, shapes and sizes of toothbrushes in the market today, deciding which one to get might be extremely confusing. Here’s what to look for when getting a new toothbrush.

  • According to Dentists, the best toothbrush you can own is one that has soft bristles, the soft bristles help in removing plaque and even debris from your teeth after eating. You could also go in for small headed toothbrushes, they are recommended because they can get access to those hard to reach areas
  • What about the handle? Well, there are different kind of handles, the nonslip grip, or the flexible neck, tapered or rectangular and type of bristles too. You can pick whatever you like here. The best type of toothbrush to have, is one that perfectly fits in your mouth, making access to your teeth much easier.
  • Expert Recommendation. To ensure that your toothbrush has undergone all the quality checks for cleaning and effectiveness, ask your dentist for a recommendation. When getting a powered toothbrush always ensure you get one that has earned the American Dental Association seal of Approval.
  • The Cost of your toothbrush is of vital importance. Although there are a variety of affordably powered toothbrushes available, electric toothbrushes cost many times more than the manual toothbrushes. Therefore, it’s important to get a toothbrush that is cost-effective, and that you won’t have a problem replacing regularly.
  • Likability. When it all comes down to it, the best toothbrush is one that you will likely use, and use well for that matter. Some people hate the vibration caused by the electric toothbrush; others might find the electric toothbrush easier to use. Whatever your opinion is, make sure you get a toothbrush that you will enjoy using.

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