little kid smiling at his houston pediatric dentist

As parents, you what the best for your children in all aspects of life. Oral health is no different but can, at times, be challenging. Getting your children to follow their brushing routine takes a lot of effort and encouragement. The ultimate goal is the give them a healthy smile they can treasure for life. So, here are some simple steps to encourage brushing in children to make life a bit easier.

Making Brushing Fun for Little Ones

The most important step in teaching your children about good oral hygiene habits is when they are young. Start a love of brushing as they start getting their first teeth, and it will often grow. You can begin this with gentle gum massages when their teeth first start coming in and then move up to a soft child’s toothbrush as they come through. One fantastic way to encourage a love of brushing is using a toothbrush with their favorite character on it, allowing them to feel like this character is brushing their teeth. This small step makes brushing time fun.

Another idea to encourage brushing is to create a star chart which rewards your child a star each time they brush for the two-minute limit. This practice will encourage proper brushing and give them an incentive to succeed.

Teaching Good Habits That Grow with Your Child

The next vital step in the brushing process should be making an appointment with their pediatric dentist. Preventive checkups are essential for all teeth and starting your child as early as your dentist in Houston recommends will start your child off on the right track. Maintaining routine visits with your family dentist will not only relieve fears many children can have, but it will also help them to catch bad habits before they become problems. In this manner, the dentist will become a fun time for your children to get their teeth cleaned and get a brand-new toothbrush to be proud of.

A Family Dentist That Cares

Choosing a family dentist that cares is essential. At Acadian Family Dental, you get a friendly staff and family dentist that will ease your child’s fears with each visit. This relationship will help encourage your child to continue brushing and make them excited for their next visit. Fostering good habits that can grow with your child and developing a love of brushing while they are young.