Fortunately, in Houston, oral surgery is available for all types of tooth, jawbone or other types of oral problems. And then there’s the recovery period. Following oral surgery, exactly what are the best practices when it comes to proper healing? Specifically, what should a person avoid after oral surgery to heal as quickly and as best as possible?

First and foremost, always follow the dentist’s orders for your particular procedure. Then, follow these suggestions concerning what to avoid, so you can heal properly:

Avoid overactivity – for the first 48 hours, do not overdo it. This is a time to recover, allow the bleeding to stop and the swelling to subside. Do not exercise, keep your head elevated and keep all your activities to a minimum. Rest as much as possible. The bleeding should stop within 24 hours and the swelling should subside in seven to ten days. Just remember, the most natural and best way for the body to heal is through adequate rest.

Avoid hot drinks – because of the numbness of the surgical area, your mouth cannot feel anything, including heat, which makes burning your mouth a real possibility.

Avoid chips – potato chips, tortilla chips –any type of chip, even if chewed thoroughly is still too sharp to come in contact with the surgical area.

Avoid sucking from a straw – the sucking motion can dislodge blood clots, increase blood flow and/or disturb the effects of the surgical area.  

Avoid aspirin – tenderness and swelling is common following surgery. Over-the-counter pain medications should be enough to cover the pain, except for aspirin. Aspirin should be avoided because of its blood-thinning factor. Following oral surgery, your blood needs to clot and aspirin has the opposite effect, which makes you susceptible to unwanted bleeding.   

Avoid getting behind on your pain meds – always take your pain meds as prescribed. Because the mouth is full of so many nerves, the pain associated with oral surgery can be quite unbearable. It is important to stay ahead of the pain by beginning your pain meds immediately and maintaining them properly until the pain subsides. When it comes to oral surgery, pain management is a top priority.

Avoid flossing – refrain from flossing until it is determined to be safe by your dentist or surgeon, and then do so gently so as not to disturb the surgical area.

Avoid smoking – avoid smoking for at least the first 24 hours. Smoking inhibits healing, so smoking should be avoided, if possible.

Avoid alcohol – alcohol should never be mixed with pain meds. It is also best to not drink, or drink in moderation, to avoid any falls or anything else that might complicate the healing process.

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